Commercial Renovations

Our commercial renovation services are second to none, and encompass every task and project imaginable for the creation of a great-looking, quality space capable of serving well for many years.

From the moment we consider a project's requirements to the very last finishing touches, we focus on thoroughness of layout and design, ensuring our demos are strategically executed while maintaining impeccable cleanliness. As with all of our services our commercial renovations put safety first, ensuring our crew and your personnel are kept out of harm's way.

We use only the best building materials for our commercial renovation projects, and we keep standards and codes met as perfectly as your specifications. Our licensed professionals will maintain regular, friendly communication with you throughout the project to ensure your needs are met, and we always stick to our time lines, allowing you to depend on a schedule that's right for you.

At JEI, we've recently brought our commercial renovation services to the conversion of abandoned buildings into quality, efficient office space, the overhaul of cafeterias, industrial warehouses, business offices, and even hospitals and clinics.

Our qualified experts can help you get the job done right and make the renovation process as pleasing as the finished result itself.