Concrete Foundation Contractors

Footings comprise some of the most important structures in an overall construction project, and ensuring a high degree of quality and care is necessary for long-lasting, safe buildings.

At JEI, we understand the need for uncompromising footing services, and we offer years of experience and a dedication to precise, methodical work that yields reliable footings for any type of project.

You can expect a thorough analysis of the specific dimension needs for your footing & foundations , ranging from a basic 8” depth and 12” width to more involved 3' x 3' installations. As the sub-surface support of a structure, a footing requires quality design and incorporation into a site, including a careful inspection of soil to ensure proper stability.

Carrying load-bearing walls and other elements vital to the integrity of a structure, footings come complete with multiple steel rods for reinforcement, and are always prepared with the utmost scrutiny. Depend on JEI for footings that get your project started right.