Concrete Saw Cutting

Cutting jobs, whether for interior or exterior applications, can be both planning- and labor-intensive. That's why it's essential to work with experienced professionals like the JEI team when your project calls for safe, precise, and reliable cutting.


Our exterior cutting jobs focus on:

*The use of high-quality equipment, including diamond segmented blades, which lead to better results and longer life. *For exterior saw cutting, we use quality walk-behind, handheld, and concrete chain saws to ensure proper work and an accurate, attractive finished product.


Our interior concrete jobs are centered on:

*High-performance electric and hydraulic saws that provide a maximum of power and agility while mitigating the risks of indoor ventilation issues. *Understanding the logistics of cutting requirements in a wide variety of indoor environments, spanning cafeterias, warehouse, factory, substance pits, and other spaces. We also offer core drilling to address the needs of various types of circular cutting projects, making the creation of conduits and passages for communications, plumbing, electrical, drainage, and any other purpose quick and easy.