Designing, Consulting, Engineering

JEI's enduring and dependable construction projects are backed by our extensive experience in quality design methodologies, and we're happy to bring our knowledge and experience to clients who want to start from the ground-up with professional designing services.


When you work with JEI to produce your design or set of blueprints, you'll find:

*A commitment to quality tools. Just as we insist on the best materials and equipment for our construction projects, we also rely on the latest, most powerful software programs like AutoCAD and Revit to deliver impressive results.

*Customized engineering for critical projects. Without overlooking any detail, we can completely oversee the creation of nearly any installation, all while providing easy-to-understand, approachable relations and documents.

*Concentration on today's “green” values. We can incorporate the newest ideas in promoting efficiency and responsible construction into any design. With a through understanding of the materials needed, the methods used, and the thought behind today's conscientious building practices, we can help you reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.