Staining and Decorative Cutting

Achieving an attractive, professional look doesn't have to be a mystery; at JEI, we not only bring our skills and experience to technical design and construction, but we also offer a variety of visual design services to help make your projects look their best.

Our decorative cutting and staining services include:

*Quality pigmented and acid-based stains for complementing your structure with color and interest.

*Sealants and protectants to help ensure a long life and help resist the marks of time and nature.

*Specialty borders and cut-outs, from the most simple tot he most complex of designs. We can cut diamonds, rectangles, and curves, allowing you a world of options for customization.

Bring something special to your projects with the power of JEI's decorative cutting and staining services. As with all of our offerings, we ensure that eery visual enhancement is designed and carried out with excellence.